Meet the best technical support team in the world! When you partner with Maple Leaf Farms, Inc., you have the experience of highly trained world-class experts with a wide variety of specialties, including research laboratories, breeder/hatchery operations, grow-out farms, genetic research, production plants, environmental control and more. All these people are working with you to save you time and money. And that is support you can depend on.


Dan has been involved in duck production for more than 40 years. Growing up on a farm in Indiana, Dan studied animal science at college. He has worked in many aspects of the duck business from governmental relations and environmental management to live production including technical services, breeding logistics, duck well-being and livestock sales. He is no stranger to traveling internationally and works closely with INDUX customers to meet their needs. Dan is your main contact person if you're contacting us from anywhere in the world, excluding China.

Additional Team Members