Maple Leaf Farms, Inc., located in America's heartland, is a fourth-generation family-owned company that has been North America’s leading producer of quality duck products for decades. As a global industry leader in performance, technical service, food safety and vertical integration, we operate under a different business model than others in our industry -- one that is unique to the international duck breeding stock business.


We know what it takes to produce, process and market duck products having raised hundreds of millions of ducks.

Maple Leaf Farms
is one of only a few fully integrated primary duck breeders in the world that conducts extensive research and development in genetics, nutrition, duck health and welfare, and environmental improvement. As a pioneer in the duck industry, we are confident that our duck strains in combination with the INDUX® System will result in a better, cost-effective product that provides a greater bottom line value.


Founded by Donald Wentzel in 1958, Maple Leaf Farms, Inc. started out as a small duck operation in Northern Indiana (U.S.) dedicated to producing products with "quality you can count on.”


When you partner with Maple Leaf Farms, Inc., you have the experience of highly trained world-class experts in a wide variety of special operations. Meet our technical support team.