There are many different breeds of duck and they don't all yield the same product. The INDUX® System exclusively uses Maple Leaf Farms White Pekin duck, a domestic breed raised primarily for meat that is the most popular duck breed raised in the world. Maple Leaf Farms is well known for its high-performing duck with very high meat yield and juicy tenderness and desired flavor. We offer the broadest range of White Pekin duck genetics in the world.


Maple Leaf Farms, Inc. produces White Pekin duck strains suitable for different duck markets. These ducks are feed efficient and have excellent livability.


Through extensive studies and research, Maple Leaf Farms, Inc. has made the INDUX® System the world's premier integrated duck production system.

Feed is THE key factor in meat duck cost and profitability. It represents the largest portion of duck production costs and is essential for efficient performance and health.